POLARIZATION : The Artist in a Divided World

On the eve of one of the most important US presidential elections in our lifetimes -- where the dichotomy between candidates had never seemed so pronounced, we asked artists to consider producing works based on the theme of stark polarization, black & white, and their individual relationships with this divided world. Alt Sur proudly present the results.

Jay Makins: Digital Artist Returns to Painting

Recent works by Jay Makins are a radical tangent from his early photographic and digital works period although the common thread of social friction continues. Gone are camera and computer, replaced by complex grids, patterned dots and intertwined matrices, all painted, stamped and etched in an expanded palette through dozens of intricate layers.

6 Decades of Pérez Franco Drawings

When Alt Sur Gallery assumed full time management of the CPF Estate in 2015, our immediate goal was to bring to light Perez Franco's profound body of sketches and drawings that were rarely seen nor exhibited beyond his close knit group of family, friends and colleagues. Alt Sur has the finest of the finest. We present a small selection here.

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